Hyper-dimensional terminal access aquired/received

The album is finished and available for download through Bandcamp as "Pay-What-You-Want" release! Here's the cover and tracklisting:

Causemos - Infinite Event

1. Introgression
2. Unrealized Reality 1-2
3. Promethean Eyes
4. Digression
5. Invariable
6. Herald
7. Transgression
+ something special ;)

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We are very happy with the final result and also very proud of what we have accomplished here. Being our bands biggest fans, we're eager to spread the joy around. The album is available for download through Bandcamp as pay-what-you-want-or-download-for-free and a physical copy can be bought from Levykauppa Äx.

We also have more video material from the studio ready to be edited and released. So if you're in to that, you should stay tuned here.

It's also worth remembering these:


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